-H42 Apps -

All apps are developed with C# and tested on Windows 10 or Android 8.0. No guaranties - use at own risk.

Windows: SecretKeeper v0.2 - AES 256 encrypter/decrypter 

Download ZIP file

SecretKeeper edits, encrypts and decrypts textfiles useful for username/password repository. The program also has functions for AES 256 encryption/decryption of any file (i.e. for sending files securely over email.).
There is no installer, just one .exe file.

The ZIP file also includes a sample encrypted file with dirty limericks :-)
Password is "secret".

Windows: NoScrs - Screen Saver Stopper

Download Windows installer / EXE only

NoScrs reads the screensaver interval and sends a mousemovement of "zero" to Windows at 80% of the interval. Intended use is to temporarily disable policy enforced screensavers (e.g during presentations)

Windows: PixBrowser Photo viewer and slideshow - (updated 17/12-19):

Download Windows installer / EXE only

PixBrowser is a simple but user friendly image viewer that displays Exif, has configurable slideshow, and support for high DPI screens. Use arrow keys or click into left or right half of image to navigate. ESC exits fullscreen or slideshow. F toggles fullscreen, X toggles EXIF, "1" toggles 1:1 mode.

Windows: AudioSniff 0.1 - Simple audio recorder. Records all audio sent to speakers.

Use Audacity to adjust volume/gain if needed. Download ZIP - includes .exe and naudio.dll

Android (No): PistolTrener - on Google play. Version 0.8

Android (En): Simple Shopping List - Google play. Version 1.1.

Android (En): Secretkeeper AES password vault and crypto tool - Google play.

Android (No): Zero Standplassleder Version 0.2 - Google play.

All apps are freeware - free for personal use.
Report a bug or request a feature? Send me a message. If you are worthy, you will find out how.